webdevelopment: Alain Brusch

As a society, we spend an enormous amount of time on screens; thus, digital design is essential. This brings about new challenges, such as the ever-evolving definition of design and a need for change in how we design products. These digital design products all have one thing in common; they are fundamentally built through programming languages.


The goal of this project is to both involve the creative aspect and to provide a supple-mental toolset and method for the Entwurfsphase of the design process, exploring the space between computer science and art; translating the design process into the realms of programming. The outcome is a creative coding approach that enables a novel and dynamic idea-generating method that can be split into two parts; one logical and the other experimental and intuitive. This process involves reverse engineering techniques and allows the creator to save sketches as well as step back and observe a variety of outcomes at any given stage in order to critically evaluate at utmost efficiency.


The method shall supplement the other existing toolsets and methods. It further encourages the enthusiasm to overcome the initial difficulties of programming by building a framework of learning and growth. The project sheds light on possibilities and potentials one is able to tap into to digitally the creative process.